Welcome To Su-Jok (Pakistan)

"International Su-Jok Association-(ISA)" was established by Prof. Park Jae Woo in 2009..

This association has branches worldwide with a mission of spreading the original and real knowledge of Su-Jok.

One of its branches in Pakistan - "SMILE Academy of Pakistan", is under Dr. Muhammad Zikar Kothari (International Su-Jok Lecturer & Founder of Smile Academy Pakistan/Su-Jok Therapy Centre Pakistan).

Dr. Muhammad Zikar Kothari




"To help bring a positive change in the world, using the combination of Su-Jok & Modern Medicine"

  • This mission includes, with an exception chronically ill patients, where reduction of medicines is possible.
  • Treating patients suffering from various bodily ailments and diseases with almost no medicines.
  • An exception to chronically ill patients, where reducing of medicines is possible.

Each One, Teach One, Treat One, Reach One


  • Make one SU-Jok Doctor in each family around the Pakistan.
  • Promote health through non-invasive therapy.

"To set up a public trust in PAKISTAN to cater to the people who can get benefit from this alternative method of treatment."

Our centers provide treatment, training, instruments/materials, etc.

Associated Member: International Su-Jok Acupuncture Association (Korea)

Associated Member: International Su-Jok Association (ISA)

Associated with: International Su-Jok Academy, (Moscow) Russia

Associated with: International Su-Jok Therapy Association (Korea)