What is the difference between Sujok Acupuncture & Chinese Acupuncture?

The concept and principles are same in both based on oriental philosophy of Yin - Yang principle and 5 element principle. The circulation of treatment is done only in hands & feet in Sujok unlike in the whole body in Chinese Acupuncture.

Is Sujok (hand & foot) Acupuncture used only to treat hand and feet diseases?

No though Sujok treatment is done only in hands & feet it is for all the diseases affecting all the systems & whole body.  

What are the materials used in Sujok?

Treatment is done in Sujok using seeds and many nature's materials, Magnets (like Star Magnets, Byol meridian Magnets (N&S), Bar Magnets, Micro Magnets), Micro&Mini Moxa, Rollers, Ring Massagers, Micro Needles for which inserters is used to insert needles.

What is Onnuri Medicine?

Onnuri means whole world & all encouraging Onnuri medicine encompasses, Sujok Acupuncture, Onnuri Auricular therapy (done in External Ear), Scalp therapy links (both upper & lower limbs). Apart from the original oriental principles newer principles like Sixki theory, Eight origin principles, Chakra therapy and Diamond Structure principle, Triorigin M particle theory principle and triorigin Sequence theory etc.

Can it cure all the diseases?

Any diseases can be cured and controlled using the principles of Onnuri medicine and Sujok Acupuncture therapy.

How many days will it take to cure a disease?

Treatment effectiveness can be had from the movement treatment is started irrespestive of the duration of illness. Usually 5-10 sitting cure more than enough at proper spacing is enough to cure most of the diseases.

Can I undergo Sujok where one is under other treatment like Allopathy, Ayurveda, Sidha etc?

Sujok can be done along with anyother system of therapy. No contraindication. No side effects. Can go well with all system of medicine.

Can Sujok and Chinese Acupuncture be done together?

Sujok and Chinese acupuncture can be done simultaneous at the same session with out any cross interference.

Can a lay know learn Sujok?

Anyone can learn Sujok. Sujok is natural method of treatment. Any person who has knowledge and minimal logic can learn sujok and treat himself, his family memebers and others too. The aim of Sujok Academy in to make one sujok doctors in each family as the planet Earth.

How long it will take to study or master Sujok?

Sujok can be learnt in one hour or 1 year. The basis and principles of correspondence therapy can be learnt at a very short period. But the principles philosophies and theory like yin yang, 5 elements, sixki, six emotions, six reason, eight origin, homo&hetero principle, Triorigin principles need a longer time since they are deeper science requiring a good knowledge and time.

Is there any side effect for the treatment?

Sujok is 100% safe. Absolutely no side effects if proper precautions in sterlization of instruments used are followed.

Do the needles and other materials used in Sujok transmit disease?

The only instrument that pierces the skin is sujok needle. They are mostly used as disposable needles. (Throw away after single use) or used as single patient needles (i.e the needles used are removed, sterlised and used on the same patient). Never needles are interchanged. So no chance of disease transmission. Patients can always demand for single use needles as they are less expensive. Since the other materials are not used to pressure the skin Chances of transmission of diseases are remote.

Where can I learn Sujok and whom should I contact?

Sujok Acupuncture is taught all over the world by many-experienced practitioner, recognized by Sujok Academy and International Sujok Acupuncture Association. These recognized lecturers can be contacted through Smile Academy of Pakistan or through this website. Headiness from Pakistan & abroad (Sujok Academy of Moscow) can be arranged for Basic & Advanced lectures for groups of students.

In which countries Sujok is being practiced?

Onnuri Medicine and Sujok Acupuncture is being practiced about all over the world. In most countries like Korea, Russia, India, U.S.A, Europe, Australia, South America and in Far Eastern Countries.

What are the basic principles in Sujok therapy?

According to the principles of Onnuri medicine and Oriental Energetic Concepts, diseases occur in human body and mind are purely due to the imbalances of the forces acting on them.Sujok achieves cure by bringing on balance and harmony of the forces in the body and mind.

How permanent is the treatment effectiveness?

Treatment effectiveness is almost permanent if the practitioner administers complete course of treatment and patient adhers to the advise on changes in life style (exercises, yoga, meditation, etc. ) and food regulation.

What precaution should I take during the treatment?

There is no need for any precautions to be taken during the treatment. Since the therapy is most natural and curing only the natural forces in and around the body it is one of the safest therapies. For faster cure and better results, diet change of life style and treatment schedule it followed perfectly as achieved by treating physicians.