Why Sujok Is So Popular?

Sujok Therapy exists in nature and Prof. Park was the one to reveal this blessing of nature. Hands and Feet have dual functions. First function is to work and other to keep our body healthy.
While working, automatically this correspondence system gets stimulated and the diseases are recovered. Science says that 95% problems of our body are treated by body itself which may be due to these dual function of hands and feet designed by nature.
Other advantages :
1) Simple and easy to conduct.
2) Drugless
3) Highly effective
4) No side effects or after effects.
5) Capacity to give instant results in acute cases.
6) Treat physical as well as meta-physical problems.
7) Cost-Effective.
Mode of Action :
Surface Applicators – Various surface applicators are used to prolong the stimulation effect on these correspondence points.
The Surface Applicators can be classified into - 
1) Natural surface applicators. e.g. grains, seeds, plants or plant parts, stones, gems, herbal medicines, essential oils, etc.
2) Artificial surface applicators. e.g. magnets, elastic sujok ring, crystals, needles, etc.

Selection of surface applicators can be carried out on the basis of their color, shape, size & their medicinal qualities.