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What exactly is Su-Jok therapy?

Sujok Therapy is a healing methodology based on Acupressure, and is a simple method that produces highly effective results. In Sujok therapy, palm and foot represent the all the active points in the body corresponding to all the organs/ parts of the human body. By providing stimulation for these points, a curative effect is produced and illnesses are cured. Essentially, Sujok is an acupressure therapy that uses employs more advanced techniques and gadgets used and methodology than conventional Acupressure. No precaution needs to taken for Sujok treatment and it is one of the safest therapies ever known. Sujok therapy is almost magical in nature with the unbelievable ability to cure and the course instructor calls it a 'Magical Wand' in the hands of a healer.

Why Learn Sujok?


  • Simple yet powerful System of Treatment.
  • Fast and marked curative effect in variety of acute and chronic diseases/ disorders.
  • High effectiveness
  • Safety of application No. Side or after effects
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to learn & master
  • True natural system
  • convenient and practical
  • effective in emergency

What does this Basic Course Teach?

This course for Sujok Therapy explains all the systems of Sujok healing (Basic Correspondence System, Insect Correspondence, Mini Correspondence Systems, etc.). The course illustrates how to locate exact points for treatment, understand the working of different gadgets used in this method and learn the various treatment techniques. Apart from this, you study symptoms and causes of most common diseases, along with the corresponding points for treatment.

Course Outline (Basic Course):

Detailed outline for the Ten Lessons:

Lessons 1 to 6 explain the various Correspondence Systems :

  • What is SUJOK Correspondence System? Importance of SUJOK, Basic Correspondence System of Hand and Foot, Yin and Yang sides, How to locate the point?
  • Major Basic Correspondence Points
  • Understanding Correspondence Points, Primary & Secondary Points, Yin and Yang points, Leg Correspondence Structure, Correspondence Location of Foot, Left & Right Parts of Body, Correspondence Centerline, Diaphragm Line, Flanks, Overlapping Points
  • Searching correspondence and Stimulation techniques : Massage, Massage Instruments: Rings, Rollers; Tourniquets, Moxas : Mini & Micro; Surface Applicators : Metal Stars and Magnets : Magnet Stars, Bars, Ring & Round Magnets, Needles and Injectors
  • Basic Treatment methods : Treatment through two-points, through Three Points (Vertical and Horizontal), Five Step Treatment Method, Treatment through Energy Points, Precautions
  • Other correspondence systems : Insect Correspondence System, Mini Correspondence System, Skin and Anatomic Correspondence System

Lessons 7 to 10 are based on symptom-identification of diseases:

  • Diseases : Symptoms and Causes
  • Diseases : Symptoms and Causes
  • Diseases : Symptoms and Causes
  • Diseases : Symptoms and Causes


Only those delegates are eligible to participate who have;

  • Attained the age of 18 years
  • Have sufficient educational background.
  • Have sufficient working knowledge of English/Urdu language.

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